Little ACEs

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Little ACEs is an early intervention program designed to prevent the language deprivation that can be common for Deaf children, ensuring they have access to American Sign Language from birth. Parents and children attend class together where they are supported in learning language and bonding and communication techniques. Families attend weekly classes, and a Deaf Mentor travels to the family's home once a month. Classes are led by a Deaf educator and a Deaf adult. FREE. During the pandemic, we are meeting virtually.


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Language Deprivation

Almost 95% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, and deaf children are the only children in the world born to parents with whom they do not share a first natural language. We understand how overwhelming and frightening that can be, and we understand that parents may mourn hearing loss initially. We support every family's and individual's choice, and in our program, we have children with and without cochlear implants and/or hearing aids. We want families to know that they have choices, choices that likely were not shared with them during a medical diagnosis. We are happy to connect you with families who have made different choices so that you can ask questions and learn from their experiences. Regardless of the path you choose, we are here to support your child and your family, and we do encourage you to give your child the gift of American Sign Language and community. 

Hearing and speaking are tools of a spoken language, but they are not language itself. Hearing loss does not cause language deprivation. Lack of exposure to language does. Educational delays aren't caused by hearing loss. Language deprivation creates those delays. Research now proves that, regardless of choices made about cochlear implants or other assistive devices, American Sign Language helps children develop literacy and even spoken language with more fluency.