Interpreting Services

For more information on the Americans with Disabilities Act and how it applies to you, please see the videos at the bottom of the page. 

After Hours Interpreting Services


     Bridges offers after hours interpreting services. If you need an interpreter for a medical, legal, or mental health emergency after hours or on weekends, please call 615.244.0979.

ASL Interpreting

Interpreters at Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing adhere to the highest standards of ethical service.  All of the interpreters who work with us go through a rigorous skills assessment and ongoing professional development. The  majority of the interpreters who work with us are nationally certified by the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID). 

We interpret everywhere, but typical settings include:

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Medical

  • Corporate

  • Performance Arts

  • Mental Health

  • Conferences

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Legal (The credentials of our legal interpreting team ensure that Tennessee state statues are satisfied.)


Our Interpreting Services are also proud to serve those individuals who are deaf-blind. Our roster contains interpreters who have experience working in the specialized mode of tactile interpreting.

CART Services

Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is proud to offer Communication Access Real-time Translation (CART) services to those who prefer to read text in real-time rather than utilizing American Sign Language. CART services are performed by seasoned providers and ensure that your Deaf or hard of hearing consumers are receiving an equivalent message as those who are able to hear. This service is a speech-to-text system. Services may be offered on-site or remotely. Please contact the Interpreting Services Department at (615) 248-8828 for rate information, general information about our services, or to schedule an interpreter or CART provider. 

Deaf Interpreting Teams

Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides interpreters in a variety of settings, including entertainment venues like our long-time partner, the Grand Ole Opry.  We were proud to work with Little Big Town on this special video for Deaf Awareness Month in September 2016. 

Occasionally, individuals in the Deaf community utilize a unique or limited form of sign language not familiar to the professional sign language interpreter. Deaf children or those with minimum exposure to language require a native language user in order facilitate communication effectively. That is where our Deaf Interpreters working with a Hearing Interpreter can help. Deaf-Hearing Interpreting Teams are ideal for:

  • Assignments where Deaf children are involved

  • Assignments with a Deaf individual with limited exposure to a formal language system

  • Legal Assignments

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Video Remote Interpreting allows Bridges to offer services for our Customers remotely from our offices by way of a HIPAA-approved method via the internet. This option is ideal for:

  • Customers in remote, rural areas

  • Customers with appointments lasting less than forty-five minutes in length

  • Customers with multiple appointments throughout the day

  • Customers providing walk-in services

  • Emergencies, until a live interpreter can arrive


Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provides professional, high-quality

American Sign Language interpreters, CART services, and Video Remote Interpreting. Please read below for service descriptions.

For more information about all of our interpreting services, please call           (615) 248-8828 or click on the link above.

In 2017-18, Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing provided almost 24,000 hours of interpreting services and provided 2,611 minutes of Video Remote Interpreting. Additionally, Interpreting Services provides assistance with ADA-compliant and community-sensitive policies for businesses, organizations, and municipalities as well as providing training for a variety of settings, including legal, healthcare, court systems, and others. 

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