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Signing ACEs

Advocacy  *  Community  *  Empowerment

The Signing ACEs are D/deaf and hard of hearing students in grades K-12. We offer a variety of year-round programming for this age group and their families.  our after-school program, including camps, clubs (cooking, martial arts, reading, etc.). We also offer free parent/family ASL classes, advocacy, field trips, events, workshops, and more. Follow us on social media and sign up for email updates! 


BridgesTN After School Program

 In Nashville/BridgesTN, Davidson County students are picked up from local schools with Deaf education programs, or parents may bring them. The program focuses on language acquisition--developing fluency in American Sign Language and literacy in English. In addition to many tools, the program uses the Fairview system and Failure Free Reading. This program also provides social-emotional support and tools.  This program is free of charge and offers limited transportation options. 

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BridgesWEST After School Program

In Memphis, BridgesWEST partners with the Memphis Mayor's Office of Youth Services to offer I AM INCLUDED, a program for 8th through 12th grade students who are D/deaf or hard of hearing. Students receive a monthly stipend for participation in the after-school program and learn independent living, job, and finance skills. 



Parent ASL Classes

Offered Year Round

Partnering with Adult Education & Outreach, we offer FREE ASL classes for parents of Deaf children and their children, enhancing and improving family communication and dynamics.

We are happy to attend IEP or other meetings to help parents be strong advocates for their children and to help students learn to be strong advocates for themselves.  We also have college prep workshops and boot camps, and our Empowerment program works with our high school students as they develop transitional and independent living plans for college and beyond. We also offer a variety of Deaf Education workshops, parent workshops, free ASL classes for parents of D/deaf and hard of hearing children, field trips, and social activities throughout the year. 

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