Masks for Deaf and Hard of Hearing

As we follow recommendations to wear masks in daily life, we are staying safe but making communication for D/deaf and hard of hearing individuals even harder. We are offering clear masks so that our community can read lips and see facial expressions for tone and ASL cues. Please read the full description below. The link below is for individuals to order for households. Businesses, schools, universities, etc. need to email to inquire about bulk orders. Please include the quantity in which you're interested and by what date you would need them. Thanks! 


Please note:  these masks are a solid piece of clear vinyl cut to to shape. The mask covers the nose and mouth but is not fitted. We will include a self-adhesive aluminum nose strip that you will add to create the fit across the bridge of your nose, and you can adjust the paracord and bead to the fit most comfortable to you. The nose strip is a new addition to the mask, so we do not yet know the lifespan of the strip. 


Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. We will accept orders from individuals, and you may order up to five masks, one per person living in your household. These masks have been worn for hospital and other assignments by our interpreters. The hospitals and clinics have allowed them. Two physicians, one an infectious disease physician and one a vaccine/pandemic specialist, have seen the masks and given them the thumbs up, but this does not constitute an endorsement nor guarantee. The masks, like the many cloth masks people are wearing, have not been tested other than with our own experiences. The masks are not treated for antifogging. If you want to treat them, there are drops and sprays you can use, or you can rub a little dishsoap and let it dry. The masks are reusable. Simply clean them with a disinfectant wipe. No mask is 100% effective, and we make no claims about any mask we give away or sell.

We also have a limited number of face shields adapted with a piece around them to close them off. Face shields without this piece are not sufficient. If you are interested in a closed off face shield, email to inquire.